Mastery Mondays: This is keeping you stuck!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend filled with much love and laughter!

I, for one, enjoyed some amazing weather and shot videos for my 4-week course Take Control of Your Money. This content is seriously AMAZING! I’m so excited for the people who have already committed to join me for 4-weeks of coaching! It inspires me to up my game and go above and beyond!!!

Today, I’ve got a challenge for you!

It was inspired from a HUGE shift I experienced this weekend!
I woke up Sunday ready to take on my day and was crazy productive!
Everything felt clear. Despite having a TON on my plate, I knew my next steps every single time.
It was the most clear, peaceful, and excited I’ve felt in awhile.

So how’d that happen?
What was my secret????

I share in today’s Mastery Monday video….

If you want to feel lighter, take on this challenge NOW! 

Hit reply and tell me how it’s going.


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Mastery Mondays: Who or what has your power?

The birds are chirping, the sun is out, and I’m ready to rock out this week!
How about you?

Are you excited for the week ahead or is something weighing heavily on your mind?
When things aren’t going the way we’d like, it’s easy for those thoughts to take over…
so easy that before you know it, you’ve given all of your power away.

As one of my coaches says…
either you have energy or energy has you,
either you have money or money has you,
either you have time or time has you.

Meaning –
either you have your power or you’ve given it away to something else. 

In today’s video, I’m sharing more about this concept and how you can take your power back.

Change happens when you are in an empowered state about your life,
not when you feel that you have no control over things like money or time. 

It’s absolutely essential for you to have the life you want –

If you’ve given your power away, make the commitment to take it back starting today!

And if money is currently affecting your decisions and holding all of your power,
join my latest live coaching course Take Control of Your Money in just 4 weeks.

I stayed miserable in a marriage that wasn’t serving me because I was allowing money to make my decisions. It was stressful and I felt helpless.

If you can relate and know that money is controlling your life,
this course will bring you back into your place of power.

When you have your power,
you can create more money,
live in alignment with your desires and purpose,
and leave anxiety and worry behind. 

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Have a POWERFUL Monday!


Mastery Mondays: #1 Tip for Taking Control of Your Money

HELLOOOOO from beautiful and sunny California!

I’ve spent the last week soaking up the sunshine and connecting with my community of entrepreneurs who are up to some seriously big things! It’s been AMAZING!

The conversation of money comes up a lot in this crowd –
it’s something every one of us has had to face and transform in order to have the businesses and freedom-based lifestyles that we do.

It got me thinking about you –
What kind of conversations are you having about money?

How much of your day is consumed with worries around money????

I know this is a huge topic, so I shot this video for you with
my #1 tip on how to begin transforming your relationship with money
and taking control of money in an empowering way. 

Check it out here –

Don’t underestimate this!!!
It’s truly the way I was able to shift out of my money worries… 
from there, everything changed.

Try it out and see what changes for you.

Sunny skies,