Mastery Mondays: 2 Tips on How to Own Your Voice

There are a lot of different definitions of freedom.
To me, the ultimate freedom is emotionally feeling at peace NO MATTER WHAT. 

What I know to be true about peace is that it comes from within. It’s a product of your mindset.

And in order to feel that peace, you have to be able to own who you are which includes owning your voice.

In today’s Mastery Monday video, I’m sharing 2 tips on how to own your voice – 

And if you’re ready to dive into this topic on a deeper level, join me tomorrow for an interactive workshop called The Good Girl’s Guide to Owning Your Voice.

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Everyone says they want freedom, but freedom isn’t really about not having a boss or creating your own schedule. Freedom is about FEELING at peace with your life, decisions, and who you’re being in this world. 

If you have some work to do to feel that peace, no worries.
Join me tomorrow and stick around.
There’s so much more to discover.


Mastery Mondays: What happens when you change your mind

I’ve been enjoying some time with a few girlfriends from North Carolina the past few days and we are having a blast!

I do not take it for granted that when my friends say, “hey we’re going to Vegas” I can hop on a plane and meet them there pretty easily because I have tons of FREEDOM in my life.

There’s so much I’ve learned along the way and I really do believe it’s my responsibility to share the how, the behind the scenes, and what’s made a difference for me…
all so that YOU can have a life you truly love, too. 

With that in mind, this week I’m sharing one of the tools that has been most helpful for me.

When you find yourself spiraling downward or having a complete change of mind about something, there’s one thing you can do to ensure you stay on your path. 

Find out what it is in this week’s Mastery Monday video –

This shift will keep you in high vibes, which is where you can create anything you want. 
Negative, sad, angry people are just not in the space to create.
You have to be vigilant about choosing perspectives that will support you, not hurt you.

Learn to put this into practice and you’ll see a quick and powerful change in your life!

Much love,

Mastery Mondays: This will connect you back into your purpose

And happy, happy Monday!

Today is a day that brings many of us down to our knees in the United States – September 11th. The day that terrorists flew planes right into our bubble and caused us to get really real about the world around us.

It was a day of looking up and looking out.
Seeing what was around us and understanding on a very deep level that there is more to our existence than just us.

There is a deeper need for understanding.
There is a humbleness that accompanies today.
There is an opportunity to shift.

In this week’s Mastery Monday video, I share one of the biggest shifts that continuously helps me reach for more, get out of my own way, and see the bigger picture. It’s a shift that will make you limitless. 

This is HUGE.
It’s a reality check,  and it’s not always easy.

But there is WAY more that you will be able to create in your life if you can check in and connect back into this concept.

We’re going to be diving in deeper in tomorrow’s (Tuesday, Sept 12th) Facebook live at 5:30pm PST! 

You can like the FB page here and then tune back in tomorrow at “go time” to receive laser coaching and dive deeper into this concept. Your next uplevel is right around the corner!

Have a beautiful day and take a moment today to send out some love and healing to this planet.


Mastery Mondays: The thing that gets in your way of having more fun

I checked a big item off my bucket list this weekend – going to a nude beach.

It’s funny because a lot of people seemed to assume that this is just something I would do, when the truth is it’s WAY out of my comfort zone. Like you need binoculars to see just how far out of my comfort zone it is!

But I decided I wanted fun this weekend.
More confidence.
Less giving a fuck.

So off to the beach we went….

It was liberating. Freeing. (And highly entertaining!)
I felt joy, happiness, accomplished, proud.
I felt peace.

You know that nagging feeling you get when you really want to do something, but you still haven’t done it, so it just nags at you??? As if something just isn’t going to feel right in your life until you move forward with it?

Then you feel SO much peace when you’re on the other side?
And isn’t that what we are all after anyway?

I’ll tell ya what – there’s one thing that typically stops us from doing the things we want to do. 

I share more about it in this week’s Mastery Monday video – 

Have more fun this week!
Care less about what other people think.
Embrace adventure.

And remember that the build up to doing the thing is always way worse than actually doing the thing.

We’re going to talk more about this topic in tomorrow’s Facebook LIVE at 5:30pm PST. 

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To your brave adventures,

PS – Yes, even posting this pic is out of my comfort zone. GO DO THAT THING! What are you waiting for?! If I can do this, you can let go and leap. Reach out if you’d like more support. xoxo

Mastery Mondays: Turning Disappointment into Surrender

Are you feeling disappointed or frustrated anywhere in your life right now? 

I had a huge lesson on Saturday night when I was on my way to an event that meant a lot to me and my car wouldn’t start. BUMMER.

It was frustrating! And annoying! And I was super disappointed when I realized that I would probably miss this event.

I noticed where our minds go in these moments and how absolutely EVERYTHING goes back to mindset…. then I surrendered.

In today’s Mastery Monday video, I share how to move through these frustrations and disappointments in life without losing your mind – 

We are wired to want certainty and when things come up out of the blue, it can send us spinning.
Our inability to deal with uncertainty is also what prevents us from taking that risk to TRULY create what we want in life.

A great mindset and surrender can transform ANY situation. 

My mindset method never lets me down….
Where in your life do you know surrendering would actually help you create the results you want?

Much love,

Mastery Mondays: What no one tells you about following your bliss

I haven’t shared this yet…
but the first Monday I was in San Diego I was in TEARS because I was so overwhelmed with the traffic and driving around here. 

It’s VERY different than driving on the East Coast and much more confusing than Wilmington, NC.

I felt like such a small town girl living in a lonely world!

And to think – I was “following my bliss” when I took the leap to move here… 
yet on day TWO I’m in tears.

There are a lot of misconceptions and things people don’t tell you about what it REALLY looks like to follow your bliss. 

In this week’s Mastery Monday video, I share the truth about living your purpose and how to navigate those WTF moments when you’re following your path… 

If you’re seriously COMMITTED to following your bliss and are READY to take action (rather than just what feels easiest) –

Join me on Wednesday for Open Laser Coaching.
I will coach you and provide a perspective shift on whatever you are struggling with so that you can stop doubting yourself and create a life you are seriously so in love with that you have tears of gratitude ALL THE TIME.

Here’s how you can join us and be sure to MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW – 
Title: Laser Coaching
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After the How to Be More Confident Webinar last week, people have been asking me for more coaching… so here ya go!

Let’s breakthrough and have you LIT UP by life (without doubting it!).


Mastery Mondays: One shift to be more FEARLESS

There’s a HUGE conversation I want to have with you….
it’s about your hiding.

Maybe someone has told you you’re playing small,
maybe you KNOW you are afraid to be seen,
either way – let’s talk about it.

Because you holding back and trying to stay invisible is really getting in the way of your goals.
Am I right?!

If you know that you are afraid to be seen (for whatever reason), this is the video for you!

There’s one big shift that opened up everything for me with this.

In this week’s Mastery Monday video, I’m sharing one big thing I’ve done to be more FEARLESS – in my business, in life, in love, in alllllll the things….

If this resonates for you and you’d like more tidbits on how to be more confident, be sure you join me on THURSDAY for a new training.

I’ll be sharing more about how I went from a shy, introvert who was terrified to put a picture online to the entrepreneur who uses weekly videos to connect with her audience. Pretty cool, right?! 😉

Grab your spot for this training here.

You are SO worthy of having everything you desire and this world is needing what you’ve got.
Don’t keep hiding. 

Shine on,

PS – Be sure to come to the training on Thursday! I’ll be sharing lots of good stuff to help you bust through these blocks, find your confidence, and be more fearless!

Mastery Mondays: The biggest thing you’re doing right now that is blocking your success

There are very specific markers for success, no matter what your goals are….

Have you ever met someone that seems to be so successful in every area of their life that it leaves you wondering what they have that you don’t?

It’s like they have some special sauce, some va-va-voom that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Well you’re right – there are very specific traits, habits, and ways of being that these people have.

There’s one thing in particular that they’ve done to bring in success.

Check out this week’s Mastery Monday video to discover the thing you’re doing that’s actually BLOCKING you from success… 

Where do you see this show up in your life?

I am a lot of things… I don’t let them stop me.
I don’t let them hold me back.
You don’t have to either.


Mastery Mondays: Are you showing up for your dreams?

My first day in San Diego wasn’t what I expected –
I ended up at the hospital. 

I had other content prepared for today’s Mastery Monday video,
but felt like this message was so much more important.

Please take 10 minutes out of your day to watch. 

I can keep repeating this message until I’m blue in the face.
The truth is, it will only click for you when it clicks.
Yesterday was a startling reminder for me.

Stop waiting.
What will you make of your life today? 
Reach out for support. Hit reply if you feel compelled to get my thoughts,
coaching, or support on anything you have showing up in your life right now.

I wish you abundant health and love.

Make today amazing,

Mastery Mondays: My parents give advice on going for your dreams

Today is the day!

I’m on the road to Nashville, TN for the first stop on my journey from the East Coast to San Diego, CA.

I am pumped!
I also feel nervous and sad to hug my parents goodbye (for now).

What do they really think about this whole thing anyway?

When I first told them I was moving to San Diego, there was dead silence. In fact, I think they were in denial for quite awhile.

They’ve come around to it and I was curious what they REALLY thought about this whole thing… and about big changes and going for it.

In this week’s Mastery Monday video,
my parents share their thoughts on not having regrets in life and the key to making it happen. 

Meet my super cute parents!

I’m incredibly lucky to have the parents and the support system that I do.

And I think they have a great outlook and some good advice! 😉

I’m on the road all week… feel free to hit reply and say hello.

Have a fabulous Monday!