Mastery Mondays: When investing for your business goes wrong

We’ve all been there…
made an investment and then kicked ourselves afterwards for wasting the money. 

Sometimes it’s because we didn’t really get the most out of whatever we invested in.
Sometimes it’s because it wasn’t what we truly needed at the time.
Other times it’s because we were trying to be reasonable with our money and then ended up spending more in the long run.

Seriously. It happens to all of us.
And it’s part of being an entrepreneur (and even human, for that matter).

With that said, there are definitely ways to prevent that regret and kicking yourself for not making a good decision. 

Here are some tips –

The biggest thing is not continually beating yourself up for it.
That prevents you from being able to move forward.

And with that, I hope you have an amazing Monday!
It’s your chance to hit the restart button and start fresh!


PS – Most people just AVOID looking at their money story or IGNORE the correlation between what’s showing up in their life and the conversation they’re having in their head about money.

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