Mastery Mondays: Is the Universe telling you you’re on the wrong path?

Do you ever wonder if things are feeling SO hard then perhaps it’s a sign that you’re on the wrong path in life?

I’ve had many clients over the years believe that because something felt hard in their business, perhaps it was a sign that they weren’t actually meant to be an entrepreneur after all.

It’s crushing to watch…. and there’s a trick to discerning the difference.

You have to understand the difference between being out of alignment and just going through a hard moment. 

Here’s what to do when this is coming up –

The most important thing to know is that it’s easy to talk yourself out of going for what you want IF you don’t understand the difference. 

There’s a lot of talk out there about flow and alignment and I am ALL about it! But it’s too easy to start to believe that things on the path to your BEST life will always feel that way.

Of course they won’t.
You’re going somewhere you’ve never been and stretching to new heights!

Knowing this trick and how your brain is designed will help you stay on track and navigate those tricky moments. 

You’ll see a new you and a new way of going for it with this tool. I’m excited for you!

Much love and freedom,