The problem with all of those biz courses and investments

I love me some personal development. After all, life is about the journey right?

So naturally I’ve invested in my own growth and learning, in addition to some awesome coaching. And I’ve learned a lot.

But the thing with all of this is that at the end of the day, you’re left in charge of the implementation. Just like school, you’re left with getting your homework done.

It rests squarely on your shoulders to take all what you’ve learned from your investment and put it to good use.

And that’s the problem when it comes to business coaching or courses.

You still have to go do the work.

And you may not have an issue with rolling up your sleeves and doing the work. In fact, you may be so excited to get going that you jump in with both feet.

And then you realize that you don’t really know how to put all the pieces together. You hit the brakes. Not because you want to, but because you have to.

You are SO ready to take that leap into entrepreneurship and you’ve done the courses – you know you need a website, a list, a solid offer, and marketing.

But you actually don’t know how to set up a website. You don’t understand how to connect MailChimp with WordPress, never mind have it actually look good. And then you want to blog and spread your message and you’re incredibly passionate about doing so.

But you don’t actually know how to do that.

And that’s the cold hard truth about all those programs you’ve invested in. Even the most life-changing ones won’t really help you make it happen. 

They’re missing a HUGE piece of the puzzle. They tell you about A, B, and C, but they don’t tell you EXACTLY how to get from A to B to C.

The implementation piece is completely up to you.

And that piece requires structures and technology. It requires a lot of behind the scenes nitty gritty details that most entrepreneurs don’t enjoy.

So you can spend hours trying to figure it out for yourself (trust me, we’ve all fallen into the “this won’t take long” trap) or you can hire someone and hope it gets done the right way and in a timely fashion (I’ve heard the horror stories).

This is why I created the Launch Your Biz Intensives: a one-of-a-kind concept to get you up and running in two days. 

It’s coaching side-by-side with business structures and technology pieces that would normally make you scream.

Except there’s no screaming needed when you’re in a luxurious environment being taken care of by a team of professionals and finishing your day with a photo shoot and a massage.

It takes the headaches out of the whole process.

It allows you to hit that gas pedal and get EXACTLY what you need to get your website online and your business launched.

There’s no guessing. There’s no hair pulling. There’s no brakes.

It’s you doing the work in a fun and passionate way that supports your desires for a freedom based business and life.

It’s you implementing the necessary pieces to get a business online and set up for success.

I invite you to join me for a Discovery Session to learn how easy this can be. It’s absolutely free and you’ll have the opportunity to identify what’s been standing in your way and determine if an intensive is the right move for you.

Book a spot on my calendar now.

You can also read more about these unique intensives by clicking here. From there, just click theReserve Your Spot button to save your spot on my calendar.

This investment takes you all the way through those tricky and annoying implementation pieces.

To making it easy,

The Visionologist & Business Doula

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