Mastery Mondays: #1 Tip for Taking Control of Your Money

HELLOOOOO from beautiful and sunny California!

I’ve spent the last week soaking up the sunshine and connecting with my community of entrepreneurs who are up to some seriously big things! It’s been AMAZING!

The conversation of money comes up a lot in this crowd –
it’s something every one of us has had to face and transform in order to have the businesses and freedom-based lifestyles that we do.

It got me thinking about you –
What kind of conversations are you having about money?

How much of your day is consumed with worries around money????

I know this is a huge topic, so I shot this video for you with
my #1 tip on how to begin transforming your relationship with money
and taking control of money in an empowering way. 

Check it out here –

Don’t underestimate this!!!
It’s truly the way I was able to shift out of my money worries… 
from there, everything changed.

Try it out and see what changes for you.

Sunny skies,