Mastery Mondays: What happens when you change your mind

I’ve been enjoying some time with a few girlfriends from North Carolina the past few days and we are having a blast!

I do not take it for granted that when my friends say, “hey we’re going to Vegas” I can hop on a plane and meet them there pretty easily because I have tons of FREEDOM in my life.

There’s so much I’ve learned along the way and I really do believe it’s my responsibility to share the how, the behind the scenes, and what’s made a difference for me…
all so that YOU can have a life you truly love, too. 

With that in mind, this week I’m sharing one of the tools that has been most helpful for me.

When you find yourself spiraling downward or having a complete change of mind about something, there’s one thing you can do to ensure you stay on your path. 

Find out what it is in this week’s Mastery Monday video –

This shift will keep you in high vibes, which is where you can create anything you want. 
Negative, sad, angry people are just not in the space to create.
You have to be vigilant about choosing perspectives that will support you, not hurt you.

Learn to put this into practice and you’ll see a quick and powerful change in your life!

Much love,

Mastery Mondays: This will connect you back into your purpose

And happy, happy Monday!

Today is a day that brings many of us down to our knees in the United States – September 11th. The day that terrorists flew planes right into our bubble and caused us to get really real about the world around us.

It was a day of looking up and looking out.
Seeing what was around us and understanding on a very deep level that there is more to our existence than just us.

There is a deeper need for understanding.
There is a humbleness that accompanies today.
There is an opportunity to shift.

In this week’s Mastery Monday video, I share one of the biggest shifts that continuously helps me reach for more, get out of my own way, and see the bigger picture. It’s a shift that will make you limitless. 

This is HUGE.
It’s a reality check,  and it’s not always easy.

But there is WAY more that you will be able to create in your life if you can check in and connect back into this concept.

We’re going to be diving in deeper in tomorrow’s (Tuesday, Sept 12th) Facebook live at 5:30pm PST! 

You can like the FB page here and then tune back in tomorrow at “go time” to receive laser coaching and dive deeper into this concept. Your next uplevel is right around the corner!

Have a beautiful day and take a moment today to send out some love and healing to this planet.


Mastery Mondays: One shift to be more FEARLESS

There’s a HUGE conversation I want to have with you….
it’s about your hiding.

Maybe someone has told you you’re playing small,
maybe you KNOW you are afraid to be seen,
either way – let’s talk about it.

Because you holding back and trying to stay invisible is really getting in the way of your goals.
Am I right?!

If you know that you are afraid to be seen (for whatever reason), this is the video for you!

There’s one big shift that opened up everything for me with this.

In this week’s Mastery Monday video, I’m sharing one big thing I’ve done to be more FEARLESS – in my business, in life, in love, in alllllll the things….

If this resonates for you and you’d like more tidbits on how to be more confident, be sure you join me on THURSDAY for a new training.

I’ll be sharing more about how I went from a shy, introvert who was terrified to put a picture online to the entrepreneur who uses weekly videos to connect with her audience. Pretty cool, right?! 😉

Grab your spot for this training here.

You are SO worthy of having everything you desire and this world is needing what you’ve got.
Don’t keep hiding. 

Shine on,

PS – Be sure to come to the training on Thursday! I’ll be sharing lots of good stuff to help you bust through these blocks, find your confidence, and be more fearless!

Mastery Mondays: The quick shift to make everything easier

If you’re in the U.S. then Happy Memorial Day!
I hope you’re enjoying the day and taking a moment to give pause to the weight of today – many men and women have given their lives in the name of our country over the years. Talk about commitment, vision, and passion.

We now think of this day as a kickoff to summer with cookouts, enjoyable times with family and friends, and fun in the sun.

There’s a real sense of lightness in the air when
so many people have the day off and are celebrating –
What if your everyday could feel that way?

Here’s a quick shift to make that possible…

Yes, it works!

You would be amazed at everything that’s on my plate right now and yet I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time and completely in flow.

Mindset is everything. 

Keep it light,