Mastery Mondays: This is in your way of a GREAT life

How are you, love?
You doing okay?
Are you just hanging in?
Could you be doing better?

I used to live my life from a space of being okay. 
Hanging in there.
Another day, another dollar.
I don’t want to complain, so I’m fine.
Never realizing that I was SETTLING. 

This is an epidemic in our society.
We think it’s normal.
It really doesn’t have to be. 

Hear me out… I’ve got a very special invitation for you…

It’s okay to desire more!

We all get stuck in a rut from time to time… 
I did it with where I live for months. And this was recent, even when I know better!
Moving to San Diego is really me breaking away from “fine” – and actually even “good.”
It’s not easy! Yet it’s NECESSARY.

Not settling in life is one of my biggest lessons and it’s why I created
Wake the F Up!
The free online training series with other top experts to help you stop settling, remember you’re a badass, and create your meaningful life. 

Won’t you join me and be a stand for GREAT?!
Say YES to YOU here

Love, light, and absolute GREATNESS!

P.S. – I am a stand for us ALL to live a truly full life, so that when we look back on our lives and our legacies, a satisfied smile will spread across our faces. 

That requires us to strive for more.
It requires us to move towards pleasure and fulfillment. 
It demands that we not get complacent when we know there’s more we desire in life.

It doesn’t have to be hard or a struggle or painful.
That’s where insight like what’s being shared in the Wake the F Up series is KEY.
Join us for this series if you are a stand for making the most of this life you’ve been given. 
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Mastery Monday: The point of entrepreneurship

I was reading a book this weekend and the author suggested one simple question that really hit home and made me think of you –

“If I loved myself truly and deeply, would I let myself experience this?”

99% of the time the answer is no.
You wouldn’t.

This is what life (and entrepreneurship) is all about –

If you loved yourself truly and deeply, would you let yourself keep settling for less than what you want?

You can make that dream happen.
Take one action today to get you closer to your heart’s yearning.

Lots of love,