Mastery Mondays: Who or what has your power?

The birds are chirping, the sun is out, and I’m ready to rock out this week!
How about you?

Are you excited for the week ahead or is something weighing heavily on your mind?
When things aren’t going the way we’d like, it’s easy for those thoughts to take over…
so easy that before you know it, you’ve given all of your power away.

As one of my coaches says…
either you have energy or energy has you,
either you have money or money has you,
either you have time or time has you.

Meaning –
either you have your power or you’ve given it away to something else. 

In today’s video, I’m sharing more about this concept and how you can take your power back.

Change happens when you are in an empowered state about your life,
not when you feel that you have no control over things like money or time. 

It’s absolutely essential for you to have the life you want –

If you’ve given your power away, make the commitment to take it back starting today!

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I stayed miserable in a marriage that wasn’t serving me because I was allowing money to make my decisions. It was stressful and I felt helpless.

If you can relate and know that money is controlling your life,
this course will bring you back into your place of power.

When you have your power,
you can create more money,
live in alignment with your desires and purpose,
and leave anxiety and worry behind. 

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Have a POWERFUL Monday!