Mastery Mondays: My parents give advice on going for your dreams

Today is the day!

I’m on the road to Nashville, TN for the first stop on my journey from the East Coast to San Diego, CA.

I am pumped!
I also feel nervous and sad to hug my parents goodbye (for now).

What do they really think about this whole thing anyway?

When I first told them I was moving to San Diego, there was dead silence. In fact, I think they were in denial for quite awhile.

They’ve come around to it and I was curious what they REALLY thought about this whole thing… and about big changes and going for it.

In this week’s Mastery Monday video,
my parents share their thoughts on not having regrets in life and the key to making it happen. 

Meet my super cute parents!

I’m incredibly lucky to have the parents and the support system that I do.

And I think they have a great outlook and some good advice! 😉

I’m on the road all week… feel free to hit reply and say hello.

Have a fabulous Monday!