Mastery Mondays: What do you need to clean up before you can get the results you want?

I’m staying with my parents in Virginia before packing up the car to drive west and yesterday we were running around the house cleaning…. so the cleaning lady could come!

It’s kinda funny –
cleaning to clean.

BUT, if we don’t declutter and pick up before she gets here she can’t do her job as well.
Which means the house isn’t as clean.

It got me thinking.
This same concept actually applies to every goal you have. 

In today’s Mastery Monday video, I share why –

It’s a weird little tip, but it will save you tons of frustration!

If you get annoyed that you haven’t hit your goal yet, take a step back and figure out what it is you need to clean before you can get results. 

Works every time! 😉