Success isn’t always so pretty

I ran a 15k today… in the rain, with a cold.

And while a lot of people would have told me to stay home or to rest, I stayed true to my commitment and got it done.

Here’s what I can tell you from this experience –

  1. You can never cross the finish line if you don’t even show up to the start.
    Many people have a fear of failure and so therefore they don’t do anything. But the only way to actually fail is to not do anything! So they are in a loop of a self-fulfilling prophecy. You have to show up and start putting one foot in front of the other to cross that line and get that medal.
  2. There is a HUGE difference between commitment and being interested in something. 
    I was not actually interested in running for 2 hours and 40 minutes today (that was my total time, which included the 15k in the middle of my training run!). I was interested in being at home where it was warm and I could snuggle with my dog Buddy. But I was committed to following my plan. I am committed to running a marathon in March. So I’m committed to my goals, not just simply interested in them.
  3. Success isn’t always so pretty. 
    Often you just see the slick marketing of gurubeethoven 15ks with big budgets or the glamor shots on social media. I do my best to keep it real with you. I want you to see the messy sides to success. I want you to see what it takes sometimes. I want you to see the times when it’s not so pretty. It makes me a better coach to show you what it’s really like – not only do you then have better expectations, but you also don’t feel like a complete loser when things get tough. This is key to keeping your mindset A+!

So yeah, today I ran in the rain with a breathe right strip on my nose just so I could breathe. And I looked like this…. much different than the pro headshots I’ve had done.

And I don’t care. Because I completed my goals for the day. Even when it wasn’t easy. And that’s what’s required to achieve success in all areas of your life.

Go do that thing that you said you were committed to doing! Yes, now! 😉

Must see movie: Hidden Figures

OMG this movie. It really is a MUST SEE for every entrepreneur!

hidden-figures-posterHidden Figures is based on the true story of a team of African-American women who provide NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program’s first successful space missions. At least that’s what the movie websites will tell you.

What they don’t tell you is that this is a story about heart, getting visible, believing, and living out your purpose.

Nevermind being women at NASA in the 1960s, these women also happened to be black. Living and working in Virginia – a state that still had segregated bathrooms and water fountains.

To see all that they accomplished, despite not even having basic human civil rights – HOLY MOLY. Whatever you’ve got coming up that you think is in your way of success – this movie will help you put it in perspective.

You’ll be disgusted. You will cry for them. Then you’ll cheer for them.

And then you will go home knowing that WHATEVER you want is possible if you perserve, get resourceful, fight for it, and do your work.

Learning to listen: your gut vs your fear

Entrepreneurship by its very nature is full of risk. And where there’s risk, there’s fear.

A key trait to being a successful entrepreneur is understanding how to move through the fear and do things anyway. There’s just one caveat – how do you know that it’s fear talking in the first place?

Fear is a completely legitimate human response and it’s designed to keep us safe. Our brains are truly amazing machines meant to protect us and ensure our safety.

i trust the intelligence within meThe issue of course is when you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got to play out of your comfort zone. This doesn’t mesh well with the brain’s intentions. So there’s a key piece to the mindset of an entrepreneur that will allow you to move through the fear and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you’re making the right move.

That’s listening to your gut.

This comes up all of the time in business –

Should I hire that coach that I love, but I don’t really have the money for?

Should I work with that client that seems kind of difficult, but I need the money?

Should I pursue this idea because I’m really passionate about it, but I don’t really understand how it’s all going to come together?


Entrepreneurs get used to playing at a level of uncertainty and risk that the general population can’t even fathom.

So HOW do you make these decisions? And how do you make them in a way that you feel you can trust the decision you made, even if it feels scary on the outside?

You learn to distinguish between your gut and your fear.

Here are the two ways you can learn to understand which voice is your gut and which voice is your fear:

1. What’s the conversation look like?
Your gut says things very clearly and to the point. It’s a yes, a no, a do this, a don’t do that. Your gut doesn’t get into hows or trying to figure things out or playing out every scenario to it’s possible conclusion. Your gut is very clear – short and sweet.

Your fear, on the other hand, will take you down a winding road of confusion, doubt, questions, pushing, pulling, and all around crazy making. Your fear will ask you a ton of hows and have you weighing your options, looking at all sides of the issue, and trying to use your brain to figure it out. This is a clear sign that’s your fear talking.

Your gut gives you answers quickly and succinctly. It is not concerned with the how. 

2. What’s your body doing?
Your body is an amazing tool that always speaks the truth. This is why it’s so important to have a daily practice that lets you tap in from the neck down! When you learn to recognize the reactions your body has to your decisions, you can identify which are fear and which are your gut.

Which decision makes your chest tight? When are you feeling anxiety rise up through your body? Which answer makes your shoulders automatically relax? When do you feel a warmth of peace and calm deep in your belly that melts throughout the rest your body?

Your gut is calming and joyful. Your fear causes tightness and discomfort. 

It’s not unusual that we get a clear answer from our gut and then immediately our fear kicks in. Before we know it, we’re off the races and we’ve lost sight of our truth.

These two questions will lead you back to your gut so you can empower yourself to move forward in your business and in your life. Confident entrepreneurs are simply the ones who trust themselves and are clear about their decisions. They don’t always have all of the answers, but they know they can find them and will figure them out.

It all leads back to being empowered from within.

Pick One… Business cycles to cure your multitasking, overwhelm, and frazzled brain

One of the first things I work with my clients on is their schedule.

How they spend their days can tell me exactly why they aren’t making the money they want to make, the gaps in their business, and why their freedom filled life is still out of reach.


Because entrepreneurs are multi-taskers. We’re idea makers. We’re energy filled passionate machines who chase ideas and information until we hop the tracks to the next destination.

If this is sounding familiar, there’s an easy fix…. pick one thing.

Most new entrepreneurs I talk with are doing WAY too much at one time. They’re trying to market, sell, generate new programs, write a book, earn money at another job or with current clients, AND have a life at the same time.

What most don’t realize is that there is a very easy way to solve the problem of the multitasking entrepreneur.

There are three big cycles you should work into your business and your year. If you’re clear on what cycle you’re in, it becomes easier to focus in on your goals and complete your daily to do list with more time for wine at night. 😉

Below are the 3 cycles you should clearly identify and focus on:

1. List Building
List building is one of those activities that’s always happening in your business. Sometimes it’s a slower build with automated systems you’ve set up and other times it’s a good idea to do a big push. Typically, you can schedule two big list builds into your year where your entire focus is on welcoming new people into your community.

2. Sales
While you can always be selling behind the scenes, it’s a good idea to have a set time of year where you know you’ll be heavy into sales. This could be the launch of a new program or service or a time of year where you have several clients rotating out of their contracts with you. This cycle will come after your list build, when you have fresh, new faces hanging out in your online community.

3. Fulfillment
Once you’ve sold out of your services or programs, you move into fulfillment. This is simply where your focus is on delivering awesome value to your clients. This is also a slower time in your business and if you’ve set up your packages properly, this time will give you more freedom in your schedule. Enjoy working with your clients and enjoy your freedom!

If you set up your business and your year to work within these cycles, you’ll always be clear on your main focus. Focus equals success. Success equals money.

Pick just one focus and give it all ya got.

Your freedom is waiting,

July Edition {It’s a wrap!}

The end of July and another amazing month of biz and lifestyle fun!

If you’re not having fun, then this post is perfect timing for you. If you’re having tons of fun then share below what else you would add to this list!

The 5 things I’m loving this month that are making my business and life more fun…

1. This passage that I read from The Vortex by Abraham-Hicks…

“If you are a person who has trained yourself to look for positive aspects, you will find them in yourself as well as others. If you are a person who has trained yourself to look for negative aspects, you will find them in yourself as well as in others. Therefore, it is always accurate to say that no one who is critical of others really likes themselves. It defies Law. Whenever you see those who are very critical of others, you are actually seeing people who do not like themselves.”

Perspective my friends, perspective. It’s easy to allow people their drama in their own worlds when you realize it has nothing to do with you. Ahhhhh, release.


2. This awesome quote

Brendan Burchard quote

The struggle, the guts? I find it can be fun. Because what’s more fun than creating a better life? Really, I’m asking.


3. This article on unconscious acceptance by Danielle LaPorte.

I love, love, love her vibe and this is so dead-on I want to scream about it to every woman that walks by my table at Whole Foods where I’m currently writing this.

This sister just has a way with words. Making us see our shit, stand for more, and with all of the compassion from someone who you know has been in your shoes.

In your business, in your relationships, in your life, what shit are you putting up with? It’s time to let it go so you can welcome in the ease, the fun.


4. This article about The 3 Biggest Things That Bother Men in Bed.

Yes this is still a business site, BUT as entrepreneurs, our lives are not separate from our businesses. They just aren’t. And I freakin’ love talking about the subject of men, love, and relationships because there are so many similarities with business.

There’s a few big things I want you to get from checking this one out:
a. Men are under a lot of pressure too (i.e. be compassionate)
b. Men are deeply affected by you and want you to be happy (i.e. your shit affects things, fix it)
c. Communication (i.e. communication)

I’m interested in the whole entrepreneur, which means business to lifestyle and everything in between. And when you’re having fun in your love life, you’re having fun elsewhere. I think Oprah said that once.


5. This super silly and hilarious video about being an adult.

Sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves and let some pressure off, ya know?

Ep. 12: The Worst Things About Being An Adult


Posted by Matt Bellassai on Wednesday, July 22, 2015


And that’s a wrap on July! Wonder what fun awaits us in August?!



Life and Biz Lessons from Magic Mike XXL (Yes, the movie. Yes, for real.)

So male strippers – er, excuse me – male entertainers.

Who would’ve thought that going to a movie with a girlfriend to oogle at Channing Tatum’s abs (HELLO!) and giggle at the ridiculousness of it all would end up being so enlightening?



Definitely not me. And yet as I was watching Magic Mike XXL in a theater full of women, I couldn’t help but notice the brilliance of the writing and well, the magic of it all. (Oh yes I just did.)

So besides seeing some seriously hot male bodies do their thing, which I have full appreciation for by the way (that’s a lot of hard work right there!), I sincerely hope the audience was paying attention.

If they were, then they would’ve picked up on these amazingly spot-on lessons –

{I’ll try to do this without any spoilers, but honestly, they get half naked. That’s really it. This shouldn’t be shocking. I feel okay spilling the beans about the rest.}

1. Do what you love
These men absolutely love what they do. They enjoy being on stage and really enjoy providing entertainment. AND they all have other passions they also enjoy which we get to see throughout the movie. Amongst the male bonding and discussion about costumes (hey, hey) we discover that these men are performing routines that were given to them by someone else. They weren’t excited about them, they had just gotten comfortable with them. So they created something new that fit their personalities and REALLY got them excited to be on the stage again. Do what you love. It will always work out – even if it doesn’t literally rain dolla bills around you, you’ll have a smile on your face.

2. Understand what you’re really selling
Ask these guys what they’re selling and they won’t tell you their ridiculously cut bodies or a night of fun. They’re selling the dream. The idea that a woman can receive that kind of attention from a man when she might not be getting it elsewhere. The emotional reaction – the gold that converts perusers to buyers. In a rather humorous discussion in the movie, one of the guys refers to them as healers. While it elicits a laugh, this is a guy who truly gets the power of what he’s doing. They make women smile, laugh, and feel better. What’s more healing than that?

3. Know how to monetize and package it
Obviously there’s the dolla dolla bills. Then enters Jada Pinkett Smith’s character. A serious #girlboss right there. Turns out Ms. Smith here has created a club with a monthly membership fee where women can come to enjoy themselves. So this lady isn’t just getting the tsunami of $1 bills, she’s getting a bigger slice. And she’s created an environment where women are happy to pay it. Smart packaging, smart money, happy customers.

4. Value your clients
A club with a monthly fee means commitment. It means buy in. It means paying for a service and expecting to get what you pay for. And this place wasn’t some back alley strip-mall I hear things rustling around in the dumpsters. This was a serious mansion with all of the trimmings. Beautiful decor (despite it being dimly lit – I mean obviously people, we are still talking male entertainment here), grand fireplaces, big staircases, hardwood floors. An environment where any woman would feel comfortable with a sweaty ripped half naked man grinding up on her in exaggerated motions. (Honestly I would die but that’s a different story). So this ladyboss was serious about her business and serious about delivering a service that would keep her clients happy. That’s respect. That’s understanding that your clients are willing to spend their money with you and you should take that seriously.

The men are also super respectful towards the women they’re dancing for and value them as women, not just as a way to get paid. Which brings us to my favorite lesson of this whole beautiful hot mess….

5. Claim your worth 
Jada’s character uses the word Queen with great reverence to her clients. She tells them to own their worth. She tells them to remember they are queens. She tells them to remember just how beautiful they are. Hot damn this movie is actually empowering women to understand their worth!!!! (I would put in more exclamation points but I don’t want to lose focus here.)

And then of course there’s Channing and the boys. Oh the boys. Whew. Hot flash. Anywho, throughout the movie they’re in different scenarios where they are telling women how important they are, how beautiful they are, how to get what they deserve from the men in their life – a HUGE message for women that you should claim your worth. The message here ladies – you are important, you are beautiful, you deserve it. In business, in life, in relationships. Seriously, ladies… claim your f’n worth.

{2 Bonus points worth mentioning – }

6. Support is everywhere but you have to ask for it
There were quite a few moments in the movie where the characters needed help from others. They got it every time. The support is there, but you have to ask. If you don’t ask, people don’t know you need help.

7. Freakin’ have some fun will ya
It’s a movie about male strippers. Sometimes you just gotta get ridiculous.

So ummm I just wrote a whole post about how a movie about male strippers relates to business. Not your typical biz advice I’d say. And yet it totally makes sense for me. I’m not concerned that it’s not professional or doesn’t relate or feminists will think I’ve totally lost my mind (I am a total feminist by the way). This happened in my life, it made sense to me, I thought it’d bring some laughs AND teach some lessons. Fun and done!


Holy cow who would’ve thunk it – Magic Mike XXL was all about my two VERY favorite things to talk about: do what you love and claim your worth (i.e. stop settling out there ladies).

I suggest you see it.

Think of it as research.

{If I haven’t convinced you yet then know that Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance is in it. Hello super crush.}

You’re welcome.

My coach called me entitled: the hard truths about coaching

A few weeks ago, my coach called me entitled. With all due respect of course.

This is a woman I respect and pay great money to give me guidance on business, life, and how I’m showing up in the world. But I didn’t expect her to say something so harsh.

I was having trouble scheduling my sessions with her. As she got busier, the times available for our coaching shrunk and my schedule was at the mercy of hers. After enough of this, I reached a boiling point and I let her know it.

That’s when she called me entitled.

a-smooth-sea-never-made-a-skilled-sailor-sea-quote-for-share-on-facebookI was feeling very entitled to get what I had paid for. I pay x amount of money for x number of coaching sessions that are set up a particular way. In this case, 3 calls a month at 40 minutes a session. Due to various things over the last 6 months, there were 3 calls left plus a 3 hour intensive that we needed to fit in for my package to be completed.

I was given one time she was available for each of those and I was expected to do what was necessary to be available during those times. Some times were easier than others.

For someone who considers her schedule and time to be the most important freedom she has in her business, it was frustrating to have some of that out of my control.

So yeah, I was entitled to get what I had paid for. But the hard truth was that I had to take responsibility for my part and choices in the whole thing. If I want the coaching, I need to do what it takes to receive the coaching. So it’s okay to expect to receive what I paid for, but there’s also a level responsibility that I need to bring to the table.

And this is exactly what got me thinking about some of the hard truths of coaching.

Coaching isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s going to push you to look at the hard truths about yourself so you can transform them. And that transformation isn’t going to be easy. We’re talking about your patterns, how you’re showing up, and years of your history that you’ve compiled to create the person you are today. That ain’t no easy task to take on!

So whether you’re the coach or the coachee – and in this case I’m going to assume both because you really can’t be an effective coach if you don’t also have a coach – there are some truths about coaching that can seem hard to face…. but if you can face them and allow the process to unfold, you’ll see yourself transform in ways you didn’t even know were possible.

Some of the hard – and transformative – truths about coaching:

1. It won’t always feel good
Growth is uncomfortable. Pushing past your comfort zone, expanding into new areas, and stretching beyond your previous limitations – each one is putting you into new territory, which by nature is uncomfortable. This is precisely why people often hold back from entering into a coaching relationship in the first place – that shit is uncomfortable! It won’t always feel good in the process, but the breakthroughs are always worth it.

2. You won’t always like each other 
In order for coaching to be effective, you have to give up trying to look good. This means letting down your walls, giving up the facade, and bringing your full authentic self to the table. And guess what? That’s not always pretty and it certainly isn’t easy. You HAVE to be willing to go there. And going there means saying the hard truths without fear of whether or not the other person will like you.

Overall you only want to work with people you like and respect, but when it comes to coaching sessions, you’re not friends. You can be friendly, you can care about each other, you can even socialize when the time is right… but truly good coaches can let go of wanting their clients to like them all the time. Saying the truth to help is worth the risk of a client temporarily not liking you.

3. It won’t always work
It takes two to tango. Both of you have to bring your best to the dance floor in order to see results. There are times where you’ll work with a coach who doesn’t really jive with you. There are any number of reasons why a coach might not be the best fit and sometimes you don’t figure that out until working with them – that’s all part of the growth as well.

Of course, even the best of coaches can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. Your success and results from coaching are determined mainly from your willingness to do the work. There will be times when it all works out beautifully and there will be times it’s less than ideal. Overall you may not get the exact results you were hoping for, but it’s pretty much guaranteed you will get something you needed through the process.

4. You’ll have to take responsibility
On the surface, a great thing! But once you realize that you can no longer play victim, blame others, and create excuses it can be a damn hard pill to swallow. If the coaching isn’t feeling good, it’s time to take a look at what you can transform. If you’re not liking your coach, it’s time to take a look at where you’re placing the blame. If you don’t feel like the coaching is working, it’s time to take a look at how you’re showing up. Notice a pattern here?

Coaching will lead you to taking more responsibility for your life, which can be quite humbling once you realize it all starts and ends with you. Eek! In the end it’s empowering to let go of the blame and take responsibility for your own life, success, and actions.


Coaching is no joke! It’s transformative, life-changing, and the most powerful thing you’ll ever invest in. But we’re human, which means we typically learn and grow through the challenges and pain in life. You don’t know what you’re made of until you’re willing to rock the boat.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” -Old English Proverb


{June Edition} It’s a Wrap!

I could talk for days and days about business and life. BUT, there’s so much good stuff by other people out there for us to discover!

Here are 5 things I’m loving this month that I think will help you too…

1. The Business to Lifestyle Summit: 12 days, 24 speakers, and some amazing conversations about how to start a business you’re passionate about and create consistent income to fund your dream lifestyle

I got top experts and 6-figure entrepreneurs to tell us the truth about their business, what it looks like behind the scenes, and how you can take your dream to reality starting today.

Get instant access to the interviews here


2. Oh selling! What a basic biz thing that turns into such a crazy, loopy mess. Denise Duffield-Thomas is the queen of all things money and she blew me away with her hilarious video on selling. So eye-opening!

How we sell: Men vs Women


3. I trust Dr. Jenev Caddell whole heartedly when it comes to helping entrepreneurs create a rock solid relationship. WAY too often I see partner troubles get in the way of business and it even happened to me several times along the way. What an energy drain!

If you feel like your partner is bringing you down, check out this article –
Mirror, mirror on the wall: Step it up in love for massive success in business


4. Time seems to be such a huge stressor for my clients. It’s the reason we tackle structure early on in their coaching. Structure in this case includes things like gaining control over the calendar, learning to better focus and cut out distractions, and the mindset pieces around time.

I love seeing how other people are creating more time for themselves, especially those like my coach Shanda who has a 7-figure business AND a newborn. She outlines how she’s able to manage her time so well in this article –  My Secret to Working 11 Hour Work Weeks.


5. Since lifestyle is heavy on my brain this month… okay ALL THE TIME… it seems fitting that I’m drawn to info about the life of a nomad. I’m living this life now and it’s interesting what comes up along the way. Not everyone is interested in being a full-time nomad, but everyone I encounter is interested in more freedom.

I love any article that begins by putting the truth out there in the first sentence – “Sometimes your dreams feel so far away.” Indeed! Don’t Give Up on Your Nomad Dreams is great if you’re wondering how you’re going to make that dream of yours happen – whether or not that dream is being a nomad. Great points for anyone working towards their goals!


Is there something you loved this month that you want to share? Post it in the comments so we can learn from one another.


Tick Tock – How to find more time when you feel the clock is working against you


There are so many lyrics I could bust out for you right now, but instead I’ll save some time and get right down to business. 🙂

My go to story for my entire life has been overwhelm.

It’s where I go when I’m freaking out and super uncomfortable. I feel those uncomfortable sensations in my body, I declare I’m overwhelmed (often it’s quite the scene!), and then I promptly shut down.

Well you can’t run a business if you’re shutting down and running away from it all.

So I’ve been working on my relationship with time and overwhelm for awhile now and I’ve gotten to the point that it’s damn near gone. Truth be told, I think I’ve only declared myself in overwhelm 3 times in the past year.

That’s a damn miracle.

Given that I’m currently working harder and I’m busier than I’ve ever been before, it seemed like the perfect time to tackle this topic for you.

Here’s what I now understand is a MUST to being able to fit it all in and not freak the hell out every time things get busy –

So there you have it. And yet I know it’s not that easy. It REALLY is an uplevel and area of growth if you’re someone who constantly feels like you’re fighting time.

It’s a practice!

Here are some of the additional logistical things I’m doing to support myself through this busy time:

  • planning out my meals ahead of time so I can ensure my energy stays up and I’m staying healthy
  • making plans for Buddy so that he’s well taken care of and not needing my attention 24/7
  • asking friends for support and help along the way
  • letting some things go temporarily while I focus on the MOST important tasks and my biggest goals
  • meeting obstacles with the attitude of problem solving rather than going into freak out mode about them

So you can see that a lot goes into it!

Much of it is really staying focused on my big vision and thinking differently than I have in the past…. that’s how you’ll get to somewhere new.

Let me know how the challenge goes for you and what you discover in the process of creating a new relationship with time.

My disappointing half marathon + your business goals

I’ve been training for a half marathon for months and Sunday the day finally arrived!

I’ve done several races in the past, but this time I was racing for a time and not simply to finish, which was an interesting experience in itself. I enjoyed my training and felt really good the whole time, plus all signs were pointing to me crushing my time goal.

13 freaking 1There was no crushing.

Just my heart being crushed by missing my time goal by 20 seconds.

On one hand, it was a PR and the fastest I’ve ever ran a half. On the other, allllll those months of training just to miss it by 20 seconds?! I was pissed.

Funny enough, I was thinking about business and all of the lessons my training was teaching me during my run (perhaps I got distracted?!). And there’s a reason the research says that CEOs who do marathons run better companies.

Here’s what I know from training that will shift your business and move you closer to towards your goals:

Learn how to commit daily to your bigger vision
There are plenty of days leading up to a race that’s several months away where you don’t feel like training. Or other things come up. Or you begin to wonder why in the hell you’re doing this in the first place.

You MUST learn how to make it non-negotiable to commit in the present moment, so that you can fulfill your future vision, even if it’s way down the road. Every decision you make today will affect your business 3 months from now.

Action step: What can you do today to move you closer to your vision?

Focus on your effort
When I started training in January, it was hard to run 3 miles. I didn’t get overwhelmed. I didn’t complain about how hard it felt. And I certainly didn’t throw my hands in the air and give up because I had SO much work to do.

I simply focused on that day. The workout I was to complete, how I was fueling my body, and what other things were going on in my life that had to adjust so I could be totally commited to training. I knew that with enough effort, I would get to where I needed to be to run 13.1 miles.

Action step: Stay in the present moment and focus on doing your best in regards to the effort with what’s in front of you.

Have a deadline
Ohhhhh the deadline. The good thing about a race is that there is a definite deadline. That race is happening whether I’m at the start line or not. The issue with owning your own business is that you’re the one creating the deadlines – and you’re the one that’s going to be tempted to move them.

There is an art to setting deadlines that give you a realistic time frame that also pushes you to meet it. The biggest thing is absolutely, positively NOT moving the deadline once you set it. I confess that this was a huge issue in my business for a long time, until I learned what a bad habit this was.

Action step: Set a deadline for that thing you’ve been avoiding and then tell 3 people about it. Ask them to hold you to your word if you start to waiver or create excuses. Get fierce about it!

Know how amazing you are
We are so hard on ourselves aren’t we? Amongst all of the pushing and striving, we can forgot to stop and take a look around. I mean HELLO, I ran 13.1 miles and was pissed. Mind you, it was the fastest I’ve ever completed a half marathon so I still hit a personal best.

And yet, I had to let myself feel that disappointment and then move into gratitude for all that my body had accomplished. And the truth is, I was proud of myself. It takes day in and day out commitment and problem solving to do what I did and I made it happen. There were definitely some celebratory mimosas afterwards!

Action step: Take a moment to look at where you are today and write down 3 things that you’re proud of. Then celebrate them and bathe yourself with gratitude.

Decide what’s next
The very next morning I was looking up other half marathons around North Carolina. Not because I’m a masochist or crazy hard on myself, but because I’m simply not okay with not meeting my goal.

I don’t want to be the kind of person who sets goals and doesn’t hit them, then gives up on them or let’s them go so easily. It’s true for this half marathon and it’s true for my business. So I’m signing up for another one, letting go of the mental chatter that says that’s crazy, and I’m looking at what I can do differently this time to ensure there’s no way I cross that finish line with anything other than 2 hours and 10 minutes or less on the clock. This last race wasn’t a failure by a long stretch. It’s a huge lesson and even bigger motivation.

Action step: Revisit your goals and decide NOW what you’re going to do about them – will you recommit, restructure them, or is there an even bigger goal that makes more sense now?

There are SO many parallels between the person I am when I’m training and the person I am when I show up for work everyday. I’m a firm believer in health and fitness making a huge impact on your life, but even if running isn’t your cup of tea, being better at business sure as hell should be.