Mastery Mondays: Turning Disappointment into Surrender

Are you feeling disappointed or frustrated anywhere in your life right now? 

I had a huge lesson on Saturday night when I was on my way to an event that meant a lot to me and my car wouldn’t start. BUMMER.

It was frustrating! And annoying! And I was super disappointed when I realized that I would probably miss this event.

I noticed where our minds go in these moments and how absolutely EVERYTHING goes back to mindset…. then I surrendered.

In today’s Mastery Monday video, I share how to move through these frustrations and disappointments in life without losing your mind – 

We are wired to want certainty and when things come up out of the blue, it can send us spinning.
Our inability to deal with uncertainty is also what prevents us from taking that risk to TRULY create what we want in life.

A great mindset and surrender can transform ANY situation. 

My mindset method never lets me down….
Where in your life do you know surrendering would actually help you create the results you want?

Much love,

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