Mastery Mondays: What happens when you change your mind

I’ve been enjoying some time with a few girlfriends from North Carolina the past few days and we are having a blast!

I do not take it for granted that when my friends say, “hey we’re going to Vegas” I can hop on a plane and meet them there pretty easily because I have tons of FREEDOM in my life.

There’s so much I’ve learned along the way and I really do believe it’s my responsibility to share the how, the behind the scenes, and what’s made a difference for me…
all so that YOU can have a life you truly love, too. 

With that in mind, this week I’m sharing one of the tools that has been most helpful for me.

When you find yourself spiraling downward or having a complete change of mind about something, there’s one thing you can do to ensure you stay on your path. 

Find out what it is in this week’s Mastery Monday video –

This shift will keep you in high vibes, which is where you can create anything you want. 
Negative, sad, angry people are just not in the space to create.
You have to be vigilant about choosing perspectives that will support you, not hurt you.

Learn to put this into practice and you’ll see a quick and powerful change in your life!

Much love,

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