A peek inside the brain of the Visionologist (and why I get upset with other coaches)

I get upset with other coaches and gurus sometimes.

They make it seem so easy don’t they?

This whole build your business online and receive tons of money and have all of your dreams come true.

visionologist brainI believe it’s true. But I also believe that many of them leave out some super important information.

Like how do you actually get from point A to point B.

And sometimes they over simplify it.

“Oh, all you have to do is run a FB ad, get people on your list, then sell to them.”

It’s a good plan. And it’s basically what everyone will tell you to do. There’s just many, many variations of this same basic concept.

Sure, it works.

But you have to have the structures and technology pieces down in order for it to work and for you to have success with it. At least without losing your mind and your dreams in the process.

And I’ve discovered that my brain works a bit differently than many other coaches. All of my experience with marketing, learning a ton of this on my own, and spending a year helping other entrepreneurs behind the scenes has given me the ability to break down the big vision (book the clients) into the manageable to dos.

Thus, my name the Visionologist. A client hooked me up with that one.

I have the innate ability to unscramble the big pieces and serve up a platter of actionable steps. 

So the coach says to use Facebook to create a sales funnel for clients and my brain kicks into gear filling in the pieces they’ve grossly oversimplified.

Behind the Visionologist brain:

You need a FB profile – Have you been posting and gotten engagement already on your page? Do you have an inviting profile photo? Does your cover photo speak to your brand?

You need to understand your audience – Who is this particular ad for? What are they interested in? Who and what pages do they like on FB? Who are they demographically?

You need the ad – What’s going in your ad? What copy and photo will you use? What action are you asking them to take? Where are you sending your audience in the ad? What’s your point for the ad?

You need somewhere to send them – What’s the page look like that you’re sending people to? Do you have your copy ready and a photo that makes sense for the page and topic? What action will you ask them to take from this page?

You need a list setup – Is your list set up in your email management system? Does your welcome email include the necessary information you’ve promised them from signing up (a free gift or call details)? Is your signup process easy and intuitive?

You’re not done yet. There’s still the call details or free optin, followup emails, a call replay, autoresponders to stay in touch with your list, ensuring the people on your list are well taken care, and then getting around to connecting with them so they want to buy from you.

I think you get the point.

And I say this not to scare you away.

I say this because I think it’s important to understand what really goes into making all of these pieces work together.

So you don’t have to actually know how to do them all yourself, or even all of the pieces, but you do need someone to do them if that person isn’t you.

And this is what I want you to understand – it really is that simple, BUT you have to have all the pieces of the puzzle.

And those pieces take time and they take skill. 

Most people I know don’t have the skill already and it can be an incredible waste of time to try and develop them if it’s not in your zone of genius.

So don’t fall into the trap of frustration when things take longer than you think. Or when you spend too long on trying to get technology to do what you want.

Know that this doesn’t come easy to everyone and that much of what you hear is oversimplified.

You don’t have to have a brain that works like mine.

With the right support in place, it can become that simple for you. Otherwise, this is a trap that can take down an entrepreneur and your dreams. 

Don’t fall into this trap. Get support. And just keep on moving.

From my brain to yours,

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